The Crib Sheet: 
For this session, together we will do the following:

  • Create a new site
  • Examine the templates that are available
  • Set up a home page
  • Add a YouTube video to your page.
  • Insert an image to your page.
  • Embed something from another session to your google site.
  • Create a new page.
  • Locate your navigation and learn how to manage and publish.
  • Collaborate on your site, learn how to invite!
  • Share your site by making it public.

Copy of GWE2010_Google_Sites

Resources to help you beyond this workshop.

The Presentation:  Sites for the Classroom, Sites for a Project, Sites for the Administration

The Resources you need to make your own site:

Google Produced Resources

GCT Produced Resources

Exemplar Google Sites

Even More

  • Embed external media:
 Insert a Gadget (More Gadgets)
 Insert a Gadget (More Gadgets)
 Search for Embed gadget (in the featured gadgets)
 Search for iframe
 Paste your Embed code snippet
 Select Web Address
 Customize View Google Gadget
 Click OK
 Then paste in the published URL.