Final Reflection Activities

Activity 1: Aha! Moments

Think: What was your biggest Aha! moment during our Google Virtual Camp?
Share your Aha! moment with us!

Activity 2:  Join the Google Workshop for Educators Google Group

  • Adjust your Membership Settings. (We recommend daily digest.)
  • Later, answer these two question in the appropriate discussion thread:

  1. What are your “Top 3” Google ideas to explore throughout the next school year.  (And what's your plan?)
  2. What is one thing you want to learn more about? (And what's your plan?)

Activity 3:   Complete the
Online Evaluation

             See you online!


Please make sure you have included the Lead Learner, on each of your projects and also submitted the links to all of your projects through each session's Google form to receive Act 48 credit.

Letters of Completion (to receive Act 48 credit) will be sent to you, for you to submit to your school district.

Proof-of-Concept Projects (Begin Week 1 - DUE Week 5)

Each participant will complete a series of projects related to the specific Google application presented each week. These projects will serve the purpose of engaging participants in working with the different Google tools as well as provide the opportunity to create products that will serve as a model of something teachers and/or students would use. Ideally, it will also be something the participant will actually implement. Projects will be shared with the entire class.

The projects include: Custom Search Engine, Collaborative Doc, Google Form/ Self-grading Quiz, Google SIte, and Google Map/Earth Favorite Places. Details for each project are listed on each session page.