Activity 1: Aha! Moments

Think: What was your biggest Aha! moment of the day?
Pair: Share your Aha! moment with one other person.
Share: As a pair, share your best moment with everybody else during our brief discussion.

Activity 2: Join GWEN (if you haven't already)

Join the Google Workshop for Educators Network (GWEN) Be sure to include GWE Ottawa in your request to join message
Adjust your Membership Settings. (We recommend daily digest.)
Later, answer these two question in the appropriate discussion thread (I will create a thread specific to our workshop):

   1. What one new thing that you learned today will you implement immediately? (And what's your plan?)
   2. What is one thing you want to learn more about? (And what's your plan?) Feel free to post your idea on the GWEN Group for support and collaboration with others. In fact why not post a message introducing yourself? 

Activity 3: Please be sure to complete the evaluation