Even More

I've set up a Google Moderator for this session here.

The tools listed here have not been covered elsewhere in the agenda. Please vote for the tool you'd most like to learn more about - and please feel free to submit "even more" tools if you like. The top 6 tools will be selected as the topic of a round table discussion during the "Even More" segment of the day, which will be run in the "jigsaw" format (where one representative from each team learns about each tool and then returns to their team to share).

You will have ~30 minutes to explore one of the following tools: 
  1. Tool
  2. Tool
  3. Tool
  4. Tool
  5. Tool
  6. Tool
As you explore the tool, answer these questions:
  1. What is it? How does it work? What's special about it?
  2. How might it be useful for educators and students?
  3. What else do you want to learn about it?

Finally, you will have approximately 3-4 minutes to share what you've learned when you return to your your own team. (Each individual should share in the 30 minutes allotted, which will give you about 3-4 minutes each.)

We will then have a group discussion about the various "even more" applications covered. I will also share with you a little bit about Yolink.