The tool

The Crib Sheet

Session Outline
  • Introduction to the program
  • Demonstration of basic tool set
  • Building of basic shapes
    • 2D (rectangle/square, circle, line, triangle, and arc)
    • 3D (cube, cylinder, and pyramid)
  • Building of more complex model
    • Together we will build a dog house
  • Sharing of online resources and question/answer about sketchup
  • Let work on a project in which we incorporate the use of Google Sketchup and Google Earth.

GTACO SketchupSession


Google Sketchup Blog

Sketchup For Dummies

The official site to accompany the book is here

Sketchup Video Tutorials

Sketchup Training

Aidan Chopra's You Tube Channel

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Modeling Criteria for Google Earth

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