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About Blogger: 

Blogger is Google's blogging tool that was started in 1998 as an independent company and was purchased by Google in 2004. It has a basic interface where users can post and customize the look and navigation of their blogs.  Blogger Tour  

Blogger is one of the easiest and most versatile technology tools for teachers, students and administrators to use.  It is this versatility that makes it the one tool everyone should use.  Here's why...

- Access:  You can control who can access your blog in several different ways.  Anyone, Blogger members or only those you select.  You can also control who can comment on a blog post.  

- Ease of Use:
  If you can compose an e-mail, you can use Blogger.  It is also a tool that people can quickly and easily expand their technology skill set.  

- Content:  You can embed images, video and podcasts, quickly and easily.  You can also link to other blogs or Internet accessible information.  You can also upload content from your cell phone!  

- Adding Features:
  Blogger allows you to add content from other sites to your Blogger page.  

What are the educational uses for blogs?

- Principal's Message:  Allows the Principal to quickly and easily get messages out to the parents, students and staff.  The feed can be in embedded into the school web page, so that the Principal doesn't need to send content to someone else to post on the web page.

- Teacher's Newsletter: 
 Teacher's can provide the weekly parent newsletter electronically.  The teacher can add additional content, including pictures and video.  By restricting access to only those parents on the teacher's mailing list, there are no concerns about student pictures and publishing.

- Student Journals:
  Students can write for as large or as small of an audience as they want.  By limiting the subscribers to the teacher, their classmates and their parents.  Students get the experience of publishing without the exposure of the entire world.  As students get older and more information literate they can publish for larger and larger audiences.  Students, teachers and parents can give authentic feed back to students.  Students can subscribe to each others blogs in Reader.  Good Combo.

There are many, many more variations here.

Activity: Using Blogger and Reader to connect and collaborate

- Create your Blogger and Reader accounts. ( and

- Publish one blog post and include at least one piece of media (image, video, audio) into your post.

- Subscribe to three blogs of others in the workshop session.

- Read and comment on their blogs.