Google Calendar

Lead Learner: Danny Silva - @iteachag - 
                        I Teach Ag Blog and Small Schools Big Tech Podcasts

The Tools: Google Calendar w/ Groups, Moderator, & the Marketplace

The Crib Sheets: Google Calendar, Google Groups


Google Calendar for Apps Training

Calendar - (~1 hr)
  • What can Google Calendar do for you? 
  • What can Google Calendar do for your class and students?
  • What can Google Calendar do for you school?
  • Taking Google Calendar to the next level 
Break - (10 min)
Groups - (~30 min)

  • What is a group?
  • Setting up groups
  • Sharing with groups
  • Groups (user-managed)
  • Groups at your schools
Moderator - (~20 min)
  • Moderator...the basics
  • Moderator at your school
  • Our Moderator
Break - (10 min)
Marketplace - (~30 min)

  • What is the Marketplace
  • Adding to your Google Apps Domain
  • Some Apps to check out

Hands-On Activities:

Activity One:  
  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague

Calendar Resources

Bonus: Google Calendar to Twitter How To 

Google Calendar to Twitter by GCT Danny Silva

Google For Educators:
    • Let people save an individual event from your site
    • Let people save all of your events from your site
    • With just a click of a button    
    • Add the button basically anywhere you can put HTML code - including Google Maps - more info here.

  • Use Google's url shorting service ( and ad ".qr" at the end and create a QR code. 
  • People can use a smartphone's Bar Code reader to add the calendar event to their calendar.
  • Put this QR Code anywhere. Even printed flyers or posters for your event.  Check out more info here.

Presentation Information from Google Workshops for Administrators (GWA)  by Kyle Brumbaugh - GWE, Brooklyn, NY

Activity Two: 
  1. Sign into your Google Apps Group
    1. Iowa Google Apps Groups - This is for tech directors and IT managers who are deploying Google Apps. (
    2. Iowa Teachers Google Apps Group - This is for our teachers/admins/end users. (
  2. Change your email settings to daily digest
  3. Introduce yourself to the community, Select an Ah-ah moment to share with the others or ask a question.

Groups Resources

Google Groups in Google Apps

Google Groups For Educators:
Lesson Resources

Google Moderator: Easy Way To Interact With An Audience

Google Moderator For Educators:
Lesson Resources

Marketplace Resources

Google Apps Marketplace