Google Sites

Lead Learner:        Christine Archer-Davison

The Tool:                Google Sites within Google Apps for Education

The Crib Sheet:     Google Sites

Learning Goal:
     Participants will understand the benefits of using Google Sites and will create a site that supports an educational objective they have.

Overview of this session:
  • Why Google Sites?
  • Google and You, the Students, and your School
  • Create a site (hands on)
  • Did you know?

 Activity 1:
  • With a small group of three, have one person create a site.  Add two collaborators.
  • Decide on a topic for the site (ideally, something that would benefit you or your staff.
  • Add pages and content to fill out your site.
  • Try at least four of the following...
    • add a theme
    • select a template
    • add a page
    • embed a widget
    • embed a google doc
    • add a hyperlink
Activity 2:
  • Try two of the activities listed under tips and tricks