Google Calendar for Apps Training

Hands-On Activities: 

Activity One:  
  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague
Activity Two: 
  1. Create an event, and invite folks. 
    1. Add an attachment, publish your event, embed the button (somewhere)
    2. EXTRA for EXPERTS: Create a Google Map to your event
      1. embed your button into the map
      2. embed the map somewhere
Activity Three: note: especially geeky, so proceed with caution ;)
  1. Get your QR Code on!!!
    1. Using to shorten your URLs, simply add .qr to the end of a shortened URL and it'll instantly generate a QR code for you. (SUPER COOL)
    2. if you need to get a QR reader for your smart phone...check these out

Calendar Resources

Bonus: Google Calendar to Twitter 

Google Calendar Help Videos: Google Calendar Playlist form Google

    • Let people save an individual event from your site
    • Let people save all of your events from your site
    • With just a click of a button     
    • Add the button basically anywhere you can put HTML code - including Google Maps - more info here.

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