Google Calendar for Apps Training

Google Calendar
ADDED: Embed Multiple Calendars at Once
1. Click on the drop down triangle to the right of one calendar you want to embed. 
2. Select Calendar Settings.
3. Stay in Calendar Details... under Embed Calendar click "Customize the color, size, and other options."
4. Scroll down on the left and check the box for each calendar you want to include. :)
Great For...
Viewing multiple calendars... and managing reminders.
Staff calendars, such as computers lab, libraries, and conference rooms.
Public calendars, such as athletic fields, school lunches, and holidays.

Hands-On Activities:

Activity One:  
  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague
Activity Two: 
  1. Create an event, and invite folks. 
    1. Add an attachment, publish your event, embed the button (somewhere)
    2. EXTRA for EXPERTS: Create a Google Map to your event
      1. embed your button into the map
      2. embed the map somewhere
Activity Three: note: especially geeky, so proceed with caution ;)
  1. Get your QR Code on!!!
    2. Or... using to shorten your URLs, simply add .qr to the end of a shortened URL and it'll instantly generate a QR code for you.
    3. if you need to get a QR reader for your smart phone...check these out