Google Apps EDU (Dashboard, Postini, Marketplace)

Marketplace Resources

The Google Apps Marketplace offers products and services designed for Google users, including installable apps that integrate directly with Google Apps. 

Installable apps are easy to use because they include:
  • single sign-on
  • Google's universal navigation
  • some even include features that integrate with your domain's data

Apps Marketplace for Education

“It’s like the app store on the iPhone”...Mark Wagner, Ph.D
Magic is that it’s single sign on (SSO)

Some examples of APPS used in other k-12 environments Creative   Administrator Tools  
Collaboration   Research   Utility


CribSheets/Starting Points:

Apps Dashboard   

A quick overview of the dashboard
Add/Remove Services
Service Settings
  • Activity 1
    Take 5 minutes and look at the Apps Marketplace. Locate a service that would benefit administrators in your school or district. Add that service to your services. 
Custom URLs
Google Message Security (Postini)
Creating Groups for Sharing & Email
  • Activity 2
    Create a group for use at your school or district. Examples include:
    • Administrators
    • Site tech leads
    • Professional Learning Communities
Creating Suborganizations
  • Activity 3
    • Create a new suborganization for your domain
    • Add users to the domain
    • Turn on/off services

  • Features available
    • Message Security
      • Email content policies to limit inbound and outbound email messages
      • Email attachment policies to quarantine or block specific file types such as mp3 or media files
      • Email footers for all outbound messages
      • Encryption using standard TLS protocols
      • Additional layer of spam and virus protection
      • User account synchronization with Google Apps Education Edition
    • Message Discovery (Additional Fee)
      • Archiving for up to 10 years
      • Set retention periods to comply with corporate policies
      • Provide cross-archive search capabilities for administrators
      • Implement litigation holds to preserve messages
      • Recover and export messages for further review
  • Getting Started