Lead Learner:        Christine Archer-Davison

The Tool:
                Google Docs

The Crib Sheet:     Google Docs

Learning Goal:
     Participants will understand the benefits of using Google Docs and will create some documents that support an educational objective                                          they have.


Session Overview
  • What is Google Docs?
  • What can Google Docs do for students? 
  • What can Google Docs do for teachers?
  • What can Google Docs do for your school?

Activity 1
  • Pair up with a partner. One partner will create a new document, share it with your partner & You will then use the document to collaborate at the same time. Try and come up with 5 different ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to "go green" and reduce copying, ink & paper. 
Activity 2
Fill in this form

Activity 3
Create a Form You Can Use Immediately
For this task, your objective is create one form that you can implement immediately in your classroom or office to (1) reduce waste (2) save time and (3) collect feedback or information. 

Steps in the process:
  1. Create a new form. 
  2. Select the appropriate question types.  
  3. Apply a theme of your choice.
  4. Test your form out. Get at least ten people to respond to your form. 
  5. Use Form > Show summary of responses to get a quick overview of
    how people responded. 
  6. Sort by a few different response choices.