Lead Learner:        Christine Archer-Davison

The Tool:                Apps Dashboard and Training Center

Learning Goal:
     Participants will explore additional items related to Apps for Education

  • Spend some time reflecting
  • In groups of 2 or 3, discuss what was your most effective professional development experience?  Some questions that you may want to consider, why was this particular experience so powerful?  What were some of the most important qualities to create effective learning opportunities for teachers?
  • What constitutes effective professional development?
  • In pairs, discuss what was your most ineffective professional development experience?  What particular barriers ensured this experience was substandard?
  • Specifically discuss the agenda for the best professional development you've delivered.  Be ready to share.
  • Think of your favorite tip or trick revolving around Google Apps for EDU.  Please submit your ideas here.
  • Give one, get one (your turn to step up and share).  Anything goes.

Apps for Education Training Center & Qualification Exam

Google Apps Individual Qualification (IQ) Exam
Steps in the Process
  1. Take and pass all 6 exams
  2. Earn a certificate. 
  3. Put it on your refrigerator! 
  4. Impress your friends!

Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer