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The Tool

        Google Calendar

The Crib Sheet

  1. Create a new calendar for your class or professional development training
  2. Share it with a colleague
  3. Subscribe to a calendar
  4. Create an event
  5. Share an event
  6. Attach a document to an event
  7. Modify/adjust your calendar settings
  8. Control/set your event notifications (pop-up, sms, email)
  9. Setting for ALL Calendars
  10. Time permitting: Mobile setup and Labs

Note: After the activity, feel free to unsubscribe from the calendars created today, so that they don't clutter up your "real" calendar.

Google Workshop for Educators - Google Calendar

Links to Google Calendar Help Pages:

Bonus: Google Calendar to Twitter How To 

YouTube Video

  • Use Google's url shorting service (http://gaigalas.net/lab/googl) and ad ".qr" at the end and create a QR code. 
  • People can use a smartphone's Bar Code reader to add the calendar event to their calendar.
  • Put this QR Code anywhere. Even printed flyers or posters for your event.  Check out more info here.