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The Tools: Google Docs

Activity 1: Who are we?

Complete this survey.
View the results.
Demonstration: Create and publish a chart.
Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (Your answer to the last question on the survey will be graded!)

           Activity 2: How might Google Docs be valuable to an educator?

In a small group, create a document, presentation, or spreadsheet to illustrate your answer.
Publish the file and add the lead learner as a collaborator. Links to the files will be added below.
One member of each small group will present/share the file to the large group Library (be sure to invite me to your document so I can add the link here:

Here are a few ideas to help you get started

Administrative Uses of Google Docs:

Watershed School - Corey Pavicich
  • Transcript - spreadsheet
  • End of term narrative assessments - collaborative document
  • Forms students fill out - view only, print or make a copy and submit digitally, e.g.: independent study form, course change form - document
  • Master schedulespreadsheet for sharing on websites
  • track disciplinary/academic referrals
Valley Catholic School - Colette Cassinelli
  • Sample data used in mail merge for end of year student evaluations - spreadsheets
  • Shared folders for docs, pdfs, schedules, meeting notes, reading material - various

Millburn Township Public Schools - Liz Bagish

  • Write and share curriculum (then embed in a site)
  • Write professional development plan using the state's template
  • Plan meetings, post and share agendas
    • Especially helpful when admins from more than one building are running a meeting
    • Some ask teachers to add to the agenda
    • Sometimes one agenda contains all the notes for the school year - most recent agenda at the top with links, resources, questions, and ideas running throughout
  • Lists of room equipment (which have interactive whiteboards/projectors) - helpful when we schedule after school meetings
  • Connect student outcomes to technology needs -spreadsheet
  • Technology review- e.g., assistive technology needs
Pt England School Aukland, New Zealand -  Dorothy Burt
  • Any District-wide innovation
  • Grant writing - allows for minimal face-to-face meetings
Bensalem Township School District - Jill Sitnick
  • Course selection/recommendations for MS kids going to HS - collaborative spreadsheet as all kids have to be in one spreadsheet for SIS

  Activity 3: Create a Form You Can Use Immediately
For this task, your objective is create one form that you can implement immediately
in your classroom or office to (1) reduce waste (2) save time and (3) collect feedback
or information. Note: you may eventually find some useful forms in the template gallery as well. We will briefly discuss the most efficient means for dissemination of your form.

Steps in the process:
    1. Create a new form. 
    2. Select the appropriate question types.  
    3. Apply a theme of your choice.
    4. Test your form out. Get at least 5 people to respond to your form. 
    5. Use Form > Show summary of responses to get a quick overview of how people responded. 
    6. Sort by a few different response choices.
Here are a few examples to help you determine which type of form can be most useful for you to create:

Youssef Elias' website is here

Resources and Links

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Resources for Administrators Using Google Forms (from GCT Jason Borgen at Portical.org):
Additional GCT Resources for Administrators: