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The Presentation:

GWE TIES 12.10 - Maps

The companion Google Earth KMZ file is attached at the bottom of the page.

Overview: Google Maps: 51 Shapes Activities in Paris

Search & Get Directions
Satellite View, Terrain View, & Traffic
Street View
Earth View - Plugin Required
More... (Photos, Videos, Wikipedia, Webcams)
My Maps: Browse & Create
Google Maps Help

Activity:  My Maps

Go to this STORY MAP!

This is an exercise in descriptive language and setting the scene.  Although we may not develop any in depth stories we can momentarily lose ourselves in writing about a place.  Use street view to try and focus on something specific.  Be as descriptive as possible.  What would an observer hear, see, touch, taste, and smell?  Have fun!

Creative Commons: Try finding your images here!  They are all fair-use!

Bonus Points:  Add pictures, videos, and interesting icons

  Google Earth

If you don't have Google Earth or the Google Earth Plugin now you can watch for now and download it here later.  

Overview: Google Earth
Convert our My Map to a Google Earth file and explore.  
View My Map in Google Earth
Timeline - Haiti
Classroom Applications

The Story Map:

GWE - Story Maps

Google My Map - Rubric

My Maps Tutorial

Check these out:
The Official LatLong Blog: 
Google Earth Blog:
Google Earth Greatest Hits:
Google Earth Community:
Add Audio to Google Earth Placemarks:

Curriculum Integration Ideas
Pre-School Classroom 
Lower School Classroom (Grades 1-5)  
Middle School Classroom (Grades 6-8)  
Upper School Classroom (Grades 9-12)
AP Courses 

Classroom Projects:
Here are some collaborative projects we have already started.  We are always looking for other classes to join us.  Check us out and join in at any time. 
American Explorers -,-96.240234&spn=37.880586,59.589844&t=h&z=4&om=1  
Clean Watersheds - 
Environmental I-Reports - 
Expedition Lit Trips - 
Google Lit Trips - 
How to build a Lit Trip - 
Map Your Clean Up - 
Our Lost Children - 
Poetry of Place -
Trace Your Trash -
Earth Science in My Maps:,-23.203125&spn=143.093947,360&z=2
Real World Math:

For fun:  Plug-in Required:
Land the Eagle from Apollo 11:
Share a Google Earth image in your web browser:
Turns Google Earth into an interactive game:
Driving Simulator:
Monster Milktruck:

Interested in Design or Engineering?  Try Google Sketchup!

My Maps Instructions

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