Apps Dashboard   
A quick overview of the dashboard
Add/Remove Services
Service Settings
  • Activity 1
    Take 5 minutes and look at the Apps Marketplace. Locate a service that would benefit administrators in your school or district. Add that service to your services.*
*If you are not the administrator, create a document that advocates for that service to be added. 

Custom URLs
Google Message Security (Postini)
Creating Groups for Sharing & Email
  • Activity 2
    Create a group for use at your school or district. Examples include:
    • Administrators
    • Site tech leads
    • Professional Learning Communities

Creating Suborganizations
  • Activity 3
    • Create a new suborganization for your domain
    • Add users to the domain
    • Turn on/off services

Apps for Education Training Center 
& Qualification Exam

Google Apps Individual Qualification (IQ) Exam
Steps in the Process
  1. Take and pass all 6 exams
  2. Earn a certificate. 
  3. Put it on your refrigerator! 
  4. Impress your friends!

Google Apps EDU Certified Trainer