Activity One: Make and Share

  1. Create a new calendar for your school-- Athletic Fields, Cafeterias, Libraries, Computer Labs, Testing Dates, ASB, PTA
  2. Share it with a colleague
  3. Add a colleague's calendar so you can see when they're free

Activity Two: Custom Build


Customize your calendar and add/import new calendars
  • Set your view-- Day, week, month?
  • Add a fun calendar-- Holidays, Weather
  • Labs-- see if any strike your fancy!
  • Notifications-- set yours up to e-mail or SMS so you never miss a meeting

Activity Three: Let's Make a Date

  • Create an event, and invite folks.
  • Add an attachment (such as an agenda, or a budget).

BONUS: Are You QRious Enough?

  1. Get your QR Code on!
    2. Or... using to shorten your URLs, simply add .qr to the end of a shortened URL and it'll instantly generate a QR code for you. (SUPER COOL)
    3. if you need to get a QR reader for your smart phone...check these out


Last 2 minutes

Google Calendar

Check out the spreadsheet here!