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Administrator Examples:

Let's Collaborate

Basic Objective:
  • Make a Google Document, share and collaborate!
  • Pair up with a partner. One partner will create a new document, share it with your partner and You will then use the document to collaborate at the same time.
  • Try and come up with 5 different ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to "go green" and reduce copying, ink & paper.

Activity Two: Form Me!

Basic Objective:
Create and share a "get to know you form" with others in the group

Step 1: Share your Google Account information with the class
For sharing your forms later in the exercise.

Collecting and Sharing Your Google Account: CEE

Step 2: Create a Form
Follow-along with the lead-learner and create a form.  If you are revisiting this page as a resource later, you can click here for a tutorial on making forms.  Ask 2-3 "get to know you" questions in your form.  Feel free to ask straight forward, biographical questions, or be a little creative and see if you can find out something surprising about others in the room.

Step 3: Share your form

Go to the newly created class list of Google accounts.  Find your name, and invite the next two people on the list BELOW your name to fill out your form.

Step 4: Respond to others forms!

Go to your email and refresh until you've received your invites.  Fill out your two form invites, and then see if you can find the
 results to your Google Docs home!


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