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Activity One: Web Search Suggested Activities, Choose 1!

  • Use the Google Wonder Wheel to help you narrow down your search terms on a topic of importance for CEE's administration, such as "professional development best practices" or what you stated at the beginning of the day
  • Use Advanced Search to find a copyright friendly resource to use with your teachers
  • Set up a Google Alert to find out when your school or employees is in the news or mentioned
Activity Two: Specialized Search Suggested Activities (Choose 1 or 2)

  • Find a book you are interested in having faculty read or are currently reading and add it to your Google Books library.
  • Use Google Squared to collect data on professional development for teachers that you're interested for in Spring. Design three questions to asked based on the data you collect.
  • Try the Advanced Scholar search to locate a relevant article by publishing date or author.

Activity Three: More Search Tools for Admins

  • Create a Custom Search Engine using websites that you already have collected or those from this Google Doc.
  • Browse through the modules in the Search Education lessons to see which parts apply to the students and educators you work with.

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