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Blogger and Google Reader

In small groups of two to four people, discuss the following quick questions:
1. What is blogging?
2. Do you read any blogs? If so, what are they about?
3. Why do you think people blog?
4. How might blogging be used in education OR how are you (or is someone you know) using blogging in education?

We need a recorder for each question from the larger group, to just take some notes on the responses.  (Please create a Google Doc and share with dianemain@gmail.com as an editor.


The Blogger Crib Sheet


Google for Educators: Blogger

Blog Basics (from Glencoe)

Using Blogger with Students

Google Reader

The Google Reader Crib Sheet

Google Reader

Google Reader - Collaboration

Reasons Why People Love Google Reader

Google Reader in Education

Some big questions to consider:
  • Why have students blog?   (See http://mrmillersblog.com/ -- does not use Blogger, but worth checking out.)
  • What obstacles will we need to overcome, pitfalls will we need to anticipate and avoid?
  • How will we manage reading/keeping track of the student blogs? (Hint: it's a tool listed above.)