Google Calendar

 Did you know...[yourdomain] can be used as a shortcut to your calendar (this works with any app).

1.28.11 Cashton Google Calendar

  • Applications of Calendar
  • The Basics
  • For You...
  • Your Students...
  • Your Classroom/School...
  • Calendar +...

Activity 1:

Create a new event on your calendar and edit the details.  What, Where, When, Who?

Activity 2:  

Customize your calendar and add/import new calendars
  • View
  • Holidays
  • Weather
  • Labs
  • Notifications
  • Attachments
Activity 3:

Create a calendar that will benefit you in your classroom or professionally.
  • Experiment with a homework calendar
  • Create a project outline
  • Set appropriate permissions
  • Attach a Google Doc - Anyone with link
  • Set notifications

  Add buttons like this to any page!

10 Tips - Calendar

The Crib Sheets:    

Calendar Resources

Google Calendar to Twitter 

Google For Educators:

Lesson Resources:

Google Resources for Educators:

  • Let people save an individual event from your site
  • Let people save all of your events from your site
  • Add the button basically anywhere you can put HTML code - including Google Maps - more info here.