Google Docs

Overview: What and How (15 minutes)

What is Google Docs?
What can Google Docs do for students? 
What can Google Docs do for teachers?
What can Google Docs do for your school?

Get Your Feet Wet
Google Docs (Approximately 25 minutes)

Activity #1

Collaborate and Note Take

One member of your district team open and share a document with the other members of your district team. Decide on a a format and way to create a notes document for today's workshop. Please share a copy with

Activity #2

Objective: Create a comprehensive list of ADJECTIVES describing our group.
Important: You are responsible for your row, and your row only. No helping your neighbor.
  1. Choose a vacant row
  2. Add your name
  3. Use the alphabetic column headings to write ADJECTIVES that describe your personality
  4. Observe other people’s rows
  5. Try and be original, if an ADJECTIVE is taken, think of another.

Shared Folders

Activity 2: Leverage a Folder

For this activity you will create a new folder and share it with your district team. Then, add any appropriate, unshared, documents to the folder. Test the sharing rights and see what happens to the documents.

Bells' 10 Tips on Docs from the APPS EDU Training Center

Self Grading Form

Additional Resources

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