Lead Learner:        Christine Archer-Davison

The Tool:
               Google Docs

The Crib Sheet:     Google Docs

Learning Goal:
     Participants will understand the benefits of using Google Docs and will create some documents to support their classroom.

Docs, Astoria, OR

Session Overview
  • What is Google Docs?
  • What can Google Docs do for students? 
  • What can Google Docs do for teachers?
  • What can Google Docs do for your school?

Activity 1 - Document
  • Basic - Pair up with a partner. One partner will create a new document, share it with your partner & You will then use the document to collaborate at the same time. Try and come up with 5 different ways you can use Docs in your classroom, school, or district to "go green" and reduce copying, ink & paper. (ex. post a link to class newsletter)
  • Advanced - Spend some time uploading some of your documents that you want to put in Google. Create a new folder and share it with your partner(s). Then, add any appropriate, unshared, documents to the folder. Test the sharing rights and see what happens to the documents.
Activity 2 - Forms
  • Please complete this form.
  • Basic - Your objective is create one form that you can implement immediately in your classroom or office to (1) reduce waste (2) save time and (3) collect feedback or information.
    • Steps in the process:
      • Create a new form.
      • Select the appropriate question types.
      • Apply a theme of your choice.
      • Test your form out. Get at least three people to respond to your form.
      • Use Form > Show summary of responses to get a quick overview of how people responded
  • Advanced - Try your hand at creating a self grading quiz or a form that branches.
Activity 3 - Spreadsheet
  • Basic - Open this spreadsheet.  Find a row to claim and write your name on the left side.  Working through the alphabet, write down adjectives that describe your self moving from A-Z.  Try not to use the same adjective that others have used.
  • Advanced - Work with mail merge

Activity 4 - Presentation
  • Basic - Create a group of 3-4 people.  Have one person begin a presentation and add the other group members as collaborators.  Each person should be assigned one of the slides and is to insert a you tube video that relates to something they passionate about.  Add your name and a sentence to the slide.  Explore the passions of your peers and add comments on the spearker notes
  • Advanced - Watch this video and try your hand at something similar. :)