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Google Apps EDU for Astoria Maps

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Google Lat-Long Blog

Google Maps on Twitter

Google Maps API

Google Maps Gone Wild

Google Maps Mania Blog

Google Maps- City Tours

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Google Map

Where Ya From?

  • Click here to edit the Map below, and then press "Edit" and use the Placemarker to drop where you were born and tell us your name, position, hobby, and your summer plans! Bonus points for including a picture or video :)

View Google Apps EDU Training, Astoria: Where we're from! in a larger map

Activity Two: Lewis and Clark Story Map

Write part of an expedition diary using Google Maps!
  • Head over to the Lewis and Clark Expedition Story
  • Choose a spot along the trail and drop a placemarker and write a couple of sentences as either Lewis or Clark-- how's the trail going? Anything happen in your location today?-- and add a picture about where you're at!

View Lewis and Clark Expedition Story in a larger map

Activity Three: Make a Map!

  • Think of how you can use a Google Map in your classroom with your subject area. Need some ideas? Check out the resources on the left.
  • Create a map!

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