Activity One: Project Plan

Think: As you participated in the tech tool rotations and other activities today, consider which of the tools you might want to explore in more depth tomorrow. We will be creating and sharing "Proof of Concept" projects, so start to get the ideas brewing now!

Take a couple of minutes to chat about these ideas with a neighbor.

Plan: Your Personal Action Plan! You will need to come up with your “Top 3” Google things to do over the next school year.  Try to be as specific as you can so that you have goals with a plan!

Personal Action Plan

Activity Two: Join GWEN

What is a Google Group?

Adjust your Membership Settings. (We recommend daily digest.)

Later, answer these two questions in the discussion thread that I started for us: 
      1. What one new thing that you learned today will you implement immediately? 
      2. What is your plan to use Google in your school?

Keep learning!

Keep sharing!
  • Keep in touch with Wendy and Christine-- ask us any questions or share cool stuff you're up to and we can share with the Google Community ( and
  • Follow #appsct on Twitter and us on Twitter-- great resources :)