Lead Learner:
 Wendy Gorton @WendyGorton

The Tool:

The Crib Sheets: Google Search
Google News Classroom Posters!

Agenda: Share a lil, play a lot!

More Resources: Fantastic student lesson plans, plus come here for loads and loads of more resources!

Astoria Search

Step One:
Open up this Google Form and fill it out as we go along!

GWE Astoria Scavenger Hunt!

Play with the Wonder Wheel (or Image Swirl!)

  • Think of a Search Term-- either an upcoming topic in your class, something pedagogical, or personal you're interested in!
  • Choose "More Search Tools" on the lefthand side
  • Keep clicking on the bubbles to find out more and more about your topic
  • Want s'more? Go to and do the same thing... but with pix!

Activity Two: Create a Custom Search (Time Permitting)

Create your own Custom Search for yourself, your class, or your colleagues.
  • Add a couple of your favorite sites for search.
  • Add a collaborator or two, like your grade level
  • Add a Marker to your toolbar
Activity Three: Set an Alert!

  • Head to and choose a search term-- you, your school, or something curriculum-related
  • Choose your frequency
Activity Four: Choose Your Own Adventure


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