Google Docs


Activity #1 - Apply What You Learned with Google Presentation
  • Let's number you off 2-11 (3-people per group)
  • ONE Person go to our collaborative Google Presentation.
  • Share one or many ways you can use what you learned about Search in the classroom.
  • Give at least two practical and relevant example -- feel free to provide many as well.  
  • Include at least one image.

Google Search- GWE@CUE11


  • Google Docs/file cabinet
  • Collaborative
    • Decide to Share
      • Publicly or selected people
    • Decide what they can do
      • View or View and edit
    • Invite by email email address
  • Spreadsheets/Forms --surveys and even quizzes -- show results
  • Templates -- Self Grading Quiz and more....
  • Look at some examples of forms, docs, etc.



  • In same groups as before have one person create a Document entitled  (Google Docs@CUE-group#)
  • Share it with the other two members of your group (and --make sure we can edit!
  • Write a paragraph of you can use Google Docs in your position
  • Comment on each other paragraphs by highlighting the
    excerpt you would like comment on, clicking on Insert Menu, and selecting comment.

Educators Wanting to Collaborate with Google

Educators Wanting to Collaborate with Google

Interesting Ways..By GTA Tom Barrett and the World!

Jason's Google Docs Bookmarks

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