Search Activities

Scavenger Hunt

1. Take a guess at what each of the following searches will yield. Then, enter them into the Google Search Bar and see if you were correct. 

2. When might you use the Wonder Wheel or Timeline with students? 

3. Search for a book that you recently read. Write a review of the book or try to locate a book that is on your "to read" list at a local library. 

4. Sometimes you may want students to only search specific sites. Try creating a custom search engine on a topic you teach. Custom Search Engine

5. What search strategies do you think that students need to learn?  Create a mini lesson with your content and curriculum to teach one of the search strategies.

6. Check out the resources on the left. Explore a topic of interest. Then, share with a partner. 

Share one way that you will use Search Strategies in the classroom

Search Story: Create a :35 Autobiography

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Search lesson plans created by Google Certified Teachers that can be used as short modules in any curriculum. Lessons include plans and presentation.

Check out this search presentation for Librarians.
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