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The Tool: Google Calendar
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Google Calendar LEAD3 2011


Create a Calendar
Share a Calendar
Subscribe to a Calendar
Create an Event
Share an Event
Attach a Document to an Event
Calendar Settings
Notification (Pop-up / E-mail)
Settings (for All Calendars)
Mobile Setup (Optional)


Sync with Other Calendars

Import Events from other Calendars

Activity: Collaboratively create a "master" school calendar

Note: I recommend keeping your original calendar as a personal (or professional) individual calendar.
Each team member will create a new school-related calendar such as:
  • Staff Meetings
  • School Events
  • Athletic Fields
  • The Library 
  • Computer Labs
  • ASB
  • PTA
Others in the group will subscribe to the various calendars to create their own "Master Calendar."
Experiment with different permissions on calendars... so others can create events (or not).
One person from each team will share their "Master Calendar" with the large group.

Note: After the activity, feel free to unsubscribe from the calendars created today, so that they don't clutter up your "real" calendar.

Bonus Functions

Bonus: Embed multiple calendars in one page!      
Bonus: Schedule multiple resources in one calendar (only in Apps: Education Edition).

Sharing Your Calendar

Advanced: Create a Bulletin from Your Calendar

1. Set up an automatic email reminder for your calendar (under "Calendar Settings" and Notification).

2. Set up a TwitterMail address, and send the email notifications there. This will post the first 140 characters of the email to your twitter account.

  • Note #1: You'll first need a twitter account for this to work, and it would be best to set up a separate account specifically for this purpose.
  • Note #2: The notification emails will be sent to your Google account.. so you'll need to set up a rule (in Gmail or your email client) to automatically forward the messages from that Calendar to your TwitterMail address.

3. Copy the URL of the RSS feed on your twitter account (this is usually a link at the bottom of the right hand column on your twitter page). Now, add the RSS feed to a gadget on your website. You will now have an automatically updating bulletin on your webpage - generated by events on your Google Calendar!

Other Ideas
Using a Google Group and Google Calendar to set up Birthday Announcements