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 Google Maps and Google Earth

Agenda: Overview the basics of each tool, check some examples out, then... CREATE your own!

Geo Apps GWE May 2011


Learning Together

  Activity 1: Let's Create a Map!

   1.  I have shared a custom map and invited you as collaborators.Go to          this Collaborative Map.
  • Find places on Google Maps and add a marker. 
1) A place you've always wanted to go
2) The school where you teach
3) A place you could reference in your curriculum
4) A place where you've eaten your best meal
5) A place where you've had a great adventure
  • Creative Commons: Try finding your images hereThey are all appropriate-use.
  • Bonus Points:  Add pictures, videos, and interesting icons



Want KMZs? 

Curriculum Ideas


Here are some application that you can use and then embed in Google Maps and Earth.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video



YouTube Video

Integration Ideas

Integrating Google Earth and Maps

Other Applications:
Here are some application that you can use and then embed in Google Maps and Earth.

Google Maps in Other Languages:

Students of foreign languages can be tasked to locate cities, give directions, or create placemarks about museums, shops, geographical features and other cultural practices.

For Google Earth tutorial, ideas on how to incorporate Google Earth and other Web 2.0 tools in your classroom, go to Teens and Technology and then click on the GPS and GIS page in the left-hand column.
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Google Lit Trips

YouTube Video

Clean Watersheds Project

YouTube Video

Historical Imagery

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