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Mobile Search

Search Activities

Web Search Activities:

  1. Using Search Operators (modifiers)
  • Take a guess at what each of the following searches will yield. Then, enter them into the Google Search Bar and see if you were correct.

        2. Use the Google Wonder Wheel to help you narrow down your search terms on
             an upcoming curricular unit.
    • Sample topic "Taj Mahal"
    • When might you use Wonder Wheel or Timeline with students?
       3. Use Advanced Search to find a copyright friendly resource to use with one of
           your classes.

       4. Using Google Insights for Search to compare trends in searches in the US to
           another country and determine why there is a difference. 
    • Sample topic to search "San Diego Chargers"
    • Sample topic to search "Golden Globe Awards"

Multimedia Search Suggested Activities:

  1. Find images that are labeled for reuse to download on to your computer. Some suggested searches include:
    • Lake (black and white)
    • Fruit (red)
    • Almond (green)
    • California
       2. Create your own Search Story

Specialized Search Suggested Activities:
  1. Find a book you have recently read (or are currently reading) and write a review of the book or try to locate a book that is on your "to read" list at a local library. Add it to your Google Books library.)
      2.  Use Google Squared to collect data on something you will be teaching in the
           fall. Design three questions to asked based on the data you collect.

      3.  Try the Advanced Scholar search to locate a relevant article by publishing date
            or author.

More Search Tools for Teachers Suggested Activities:

  1. Create a Custom Search Engine using websites that you already have collected or those from this Google Doc.
     2.   Browse through the modules in the Search Education lessons to see which
          parts apply to the students and educators you work with. 
      3.  Sometimes you may want students to only search specific sites. Try creating a
           custom search engine on a topic you teach. Custom Search Engine

Copy of Preso-Search-GTA-part-1

Copy of Preso-Search-GTA-part-2