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Mobile Docs


Activity #1: Let's Create a Doc Together

  1. Go to
    Consider the many ways you can use Google Docs as an educator.
  2. Find an open row in the table and add your name.
  3. Next to your name, write one sentence identifying how you or your students might use Google Docs to take collaboration and group projects to the next level.

Activity #2: Using Discussions in Docs

  • Go to
  • Follow the instructions on the document and add to the document and contribute to the discussion.
Activity #3: What Can You Say About....

  • Contribute to our collaborative presentation on Google tools by clicking this link
  • Watch It! Let's present-- TOGETHER! Come view the presentation LIVE here. In the Chat Box, feel free to ask a question or give feedback. This is great for your students to look at after the fact to give constructive feedback, or while the student is presenting to make it more interactive.

Activity #4: Working that Docs List

  • Create a new collection in your Docs list and upload documents into from your desktop OR share it with a collaborator.

    Activity #1: Forms for Teacher Observation or Data Collection

Create and name new form. (Lost? Watch this video.)
Create a form for collecting data. 

For this task, your objective is create one form that you can implement immediately in your classroom or office to (1) reduce waste (2) save time and (3) collect feedback or information. 

Steps in the process:
  • Select the appropriate question types. 
  • Apply a theme of your choice.
  • Test your form out. Get a few people to respond to your form. 
  • Use Form > Show summary of responses to get a quick overview of 
  • how people responded. 
Sort by a few different response choices.
Examples include:

  • A Teacher (or Student) Observation Form
  • An Awards Nomination Form
  • A Professional Development Evaluation
  • A Staff or Community Survey
  • A Team Meeting Form
  • Attendance
  • Team Smart Goal
  • Strategies and Action Steps
  • Responsibilities
  • Timeline
  • Evidence of Effectiveness
  • Mock up something you might actually implement.Send the "live form" link to colleagues so they can fill out your form.
  • Share the results with colleagues or publish them as a web page.
  • Optional: Create (and publish) charts of the results.
One member of each small group will present the form to the large group.

Activity Two:
  • Use Google Docs drawings to make a charts, diagram, or design for the ideal teacher or workplace.