Importing and Managing Users using .csv

Using the online import tool allows you to manage many users at one time using a comma separated variable (.csv) file, which can be created by any spreadsheet program. (Excel, FileMakerPro, etc.)
  • How to import users using a .csv file.
    • Step 1: Create and select the .csv file from your computer. We will discuss how to create users or usernames as part of the session.
    • Step 2: Confirm the format of the entries in your .csv file.  You will see a preview of the first few lines of your .csv file. 
    • Step 3: Your file is uploaded and it will take up to 24 hours for all of the accounts to be created.

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As you start this process there are a few questions you will want to answer with your Administration and Information Technology Department.
  • How will you identify your users?
    • Will the username contain their name?
      • We don't want to individually identify students.
      • We want students to be able to e-mail outside of the domain and use a syntax that is easy for everyone to understand.
    • How comfortable is your district with identifying users in a certain way?
      • Will you restrict access to different resources to different user groups?
      • Will this be by grade level or school?
  • Creating Users
    • Exporting Data from your Student Information System
      • What information will you need to extract?
      • Concatenate and separate cells to create usernames
    • Updating user accounts during the school year.
      • Always reset passwords to the default
      • Only update new accounts