Sites Crib Sheet

Important Concepts
  • Creating a site
  • Templates
  • Adjusting settings & permissions
  • Creating pages
  • Different page types
  • Page hierarchy
  • Inserting media and other gadgets

Activity: Proof of Concept Project

With a small group, create a Google Site. (One participant will create the site and add others as collaborators.)

Decide on a topic for the site. Ideally this will be something that a student or teacher might use. (Or something fun to liven up the afternoon!)

Practice adding pages and content.

Practice embedding documents, presentations, videos, and more.

Add the lead learner as a collaborator on your site. Links to each site will be shared below.

A representative from each group will share their site with the large group. (Time Permitting)


Mary Fran’s Google Sites Tutorial
Sites for Teachers - Google Sites Help


Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School - Physical Science
Boys’ Latin of Philadelphia Charter School - Science Fair
Cheryl Davis’ Things to Learn With

Christine DiPaulo’s Think About It
Edina Public Schools - 4th Grade
Goochland Course Guide
Lucy Gray Workshops
Mr. A’s Class
Oregon K-12 Google Summit
Parish Episcopal School - Honors Physics
Superintendent - Yarmouth School Department

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