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Activity One: Happy Birthday!

  • Check your Calendar page-- you should now have a Crescent City B-Day Calendar!
  • Click "Add Event" and put an All-Day Event for your Birthday! :)

 Make and Share

  1. Create a new calendar for your class or a professional development calendar.  ***Make it Public***
  2.  Share it with a colleague (grab their Google accounts HERE!)

  3.  Add a colleague's calendar so you can see when they're free

Activity Three: Create an Event

  • Create an event, and invite folks.

Activity Four: Spice it up now.

  • Check out the labs features and turn on a few of them to see what is going to benefit you? For example, turn on the Attach document settings and attach an agenda for a meeting or a homework assignment for your class. 
  • To get to the labs, click the gear icon on the top right of the browser screen.  

Activity Five: Choose Your Fun!

  • Customize your calendar
  • Import other calendars
  • Sync calendars (iPhone/Blackberry)

Mark Hammons,
Jun 1, 2011, 8:09 AM