Other Tools


ACTIVITY#1 - Google Video: Find a video that you'd like to share with other people, either students or teachers, WITHIN your domain.   

Finding good videos
  • YouTube - a little or a lot of everything, including tons of good tutorials
  • WatchKnow - none of their own, but embedded links to educational videos on other sites
  • Next Vista for Learning - Rhuston Hurley's site; free, screened, student audience videos by and for teachers and students
  • SchoolTube - free media sharing website for educators
  • TeacherTube - site for educational videos, heavy on advertisements
  • Library of Congress - good source of historical videos (focused on the USA)

Using these videos and those from YouTube
  • Zamzar - free, online file converter; can help you download YouTube videos.  Use media from above sites to teach kids to identify quality and plan effectively for making their own pieces. 

ACTIVITY#2 - Google Moderator: Discuss with your neighbor different ways that you can use Google Moderator in your school/district.   Create a new moderator series that you can embed into your Google Site.    Be sure to explore the different views that are available in moderator.  Play around with the different views that are available (Presenter view) and find some other people in the class to flag some of the questions

ACTIVITY#3 - Even More:  Little-known area of Google featuring a multitude of handy utilities and programs that will amaze you, amuse you and save you time!  Go to any Google website, click on more on the top, then even more.   
  • Each group will have the chance to do a presentation for one of the following tools to help add to the creative knowledge of the group.   Each group will have about 30 minutes to complete the task and be sure to include a classroom integration example that will help others see the benefit of using this tool in your school setting.   When you're done with your presentation, please publish the site and use this form to submit it so everyone will have a chance to use view afterwards.   

The Crib Sheets

The Tools:

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