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Google Maps Tutorial
Google Earth Tutorial & Resources
Favorite Ways to Use Geo Apps:
*Big thanks to Google Certified Teacher, Chris Walsh for some of these links. 

Walking Tour of Paris
Love these:

And something fun... Sampsonia Way:

YouTube Video

Now go to Googlemaps and search for: Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.

New! Earth View

Standards Covered in This Topic

NETS Covered in this topic:
NETS-T 1.b.
NETS-T 4.d.
NETS-T 5.a

Places Mark has visited.

Activity One: Favorite Vacation Destination?

  • Isn't exploring maps fun?  Click here to edit the Map below, and then press "Edit" and use the Placemarker to drop where me your favorite place to vacation (or a place you'd wish to visit).  I encourage you to:
    • Change the Icon
      • Embed text and media into the markers, including Text, Links to your Website, Images, Your GCT Video (use the embed code, or Other, such as a Google Doc, Form, or Presentation
      • Keep checking out the map as it grows throughout the day!

Activity Two: Create your own map that your students can add to.

  • Think of something that you can use in class and create a new map. 
    • Add various place makers for points of interest. 
    • Use the shapes and polygon tool to draw various shapes and lines along tasks. 
    • EXTRA:
      • Change the Icon
      • Embed text and media into the markers, including:
      • Text
      • Links
      • Images
      • Video (use the embed code)
      • Other, such as a Google Doc, Form, or Presentation
      • Want numbered icons for your placemarks?
      • Don't forget to share it with me!!!!

 Use Google Search and find a custom KML for your class!

  • Take a few minutes and use Google Advanced Search to find a custom KML for something that might be used in your class.  A lot of the information from a specific site (mmmh, a specific site) like Google Lit Trips might have something that could interest you.  
    • Search
      • Once you find something that you think might work, instead of downloading the file, try viewing it in Google maps first to to make sure.  This will save you time, energy, and some clutter. 
Activity Four: Add something of interest to your own town. 

  • Take a look around Crescent City through Google Map Maker and see if you can add any insight for the next generation.  Perhaps:
    • Something is marked incorrection?
    • Something not marked at all?
    • Something of educational value?
    • Something of historical significance?

Time Permitting

Activity Five: Check out Google Earth and/or Google Sketchup. 

  • This is contingent if we have enough bandwidth and time to make this happen.  The power and benefits of Google Earth and Google Sketchup are phenomenal.  
  • With Google Earth:
    • Take a look as tome of the Google Lit Trips and explore ways that you can enhance a journey or use it as a model to create for your own story.   Be sure to explore all of the links and options that are there. 
  • With Google Sketchup:
    • Take a look at the Google 3D Warehouse and download a model that you can use a starting point to get familiar with the features of the program!   Start small and explore the Push/Pull tool, the polygon tool, and the line tool.  Be sure to follow the various Axis as you draw your shapes!

Google's collection of favorite places around the world.
Lonely Planet's Favorite Places

Integration Ideas:

Other Applications:
Here are some application that you can use and then embed in Google Maps and Earth.
Google Maps in Other Languages:
Students of foreign languages can be tasked to locate cities, give directions, or create placemarks about museums, shops, geographical features and other cultural practices.

For Google Earth tutorial, ideas on how to incorporate Google Earth and other Web 2.0 tools in your classroom, go to Teens and Technology and then click on the GPS and GIS page in the left-hand column.
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Jun 1, 2011, 12:31 PM