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Activity One: Create a label

  • Creating a label is like adding post-it notes to your email messages.  You can do this to help organize your mail.  It's like folders, but it's better than that because you can add messages to multiple labels.  
  • Please create two-three different labels that will help you organize your email. 

Activity Two: Create a filter

  • Filters can be event more powerful as it can help you to do things as message enter your email.  Based on specific criteria, you can assign a label automatically, you can forward it to someone, mark it as read.  

Activity Three: Make contact with your contacts

  • Contact groups allow you to organize the people you email frequently.  Explore the possibilities of creating groups, as they will operate very simliar to a distribution list. 
Activity Four: Chat away

  • With built-in Google chat, the capability to "talk" with others is instantly available.  Find some other people in the room to chat with and use this as a means to share quick ideas.  You can even "call" them or video chat with them too!   

Activity Five: Explore the labs features

  • Take some time and find some cool lab features that could help you in your current job.  One of my favorites it the SMS features... being able to text directly from Gmail!  

EXTRA FUN:  Import other accounts into your Gmail

  • Having a single point of entry for all of your email can greatly benefit you.   Each one of you will have a CVCUE account that you can use as a testing ground for adding in a second email address.   Now spice it up even more by adding labels and filters while you do it!

Mark Hammons,
Jun 1, 2011, 8:06 AM