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15 second Search Tips

Web Search 

  • Search Features (Check out even more with Exploring Search)

  • Activity #1: Use Google Advanced Search to create a custom search with less than 10 search results in your specific subject area. 
    • Use the filetype option to narrow down to specific files.
    • Know of a particular site?   Use the domain option. 
    • Explore reading levels... what can the different levels provide you? 
    • Specify a specific date range that narrow down your results.
    Activity #2: Find some historical perspective with the Archive Search of google search. 
    • Go to
    • Click on advanced search next to the search box.
    • Under source type in Google News Archive.
    • Now put in your search criteria and press search. 
    Activity #3: Create your own bookshelf within Google Books. 
    • There are a lot of really great novels out there that you might want to preview or even use in your class.   
    • Create a bookshelf that you can reference later on.
    • Find either public domain books or books from the bookstore (these cost $$) that might be beneficial in your profession.
    Activity #4: Create a Custom Search Engine for Your Site
    • With a small group, choose a topic to research - preferably something relevant to your staff or students.
    • Create a custom search engine focused on the topic.
    • Use the other specialized search tools above to locate quality resources related to the topic.
    • Populate the custom search engine with the quality resources you find.
    • Share the custom search engine with the Lead Learner. A link to each CSE will be added below.

    Standards Covered in This Topic

    NETS Covered in this topic:
    NETS-T 1.a.
    NETS-T 1.b.
    NETS-T 2.a.
    NETS-A 2.c
    NETS-A 2.d
    NETS-T 3.d.
    NETS-T 4.a.
    NETS-T 4.b.
    NETS-A 5.b.
    NETS-T 5.c.

    Even More Resources: 

    Specialized Search  (handy research tools!)

    Book Search
  • Scholar Search - Support
    • Don't miss the "cited by" feature, Legal Opinions and Journal Radio Button!
    Blog Search  - Support 
    Google Squared - Support
    Create a Custom Search - Support

    News Search 
    - Some very cool things can be found here!

    • Great for mobile devices
    • Check out their sources

    Multimedia Search

    Video Search - Support 
    Audio Indexing (from Google Labs) - Support
    Map Search - Support

    Mobile Search

    Google Mobile

    Google SMS

    Other Great Search Stuff

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