Even More - Day 1

Agenda Link: http://goo.gl/nmC12
Moderator Link: http://goo.gl/pJpjh

The Tools: 

The Crib Sheets

GWE @ RRVEC Grand Forks / Grafton Even More Part 1

The Task:
  • Choose one tool to investigate and prepare to explain the tool to one other person (and how it could apply to education)
  • Add to this document as you think of educational uses for your tool
  • Group together with 2-3 other people and share what you discovered!
  • Share whole-group
Kyle's Favorites

Schrock's Bloomin' Google - by GCT, Kathy Schrock
Google Guide for Teachers I - by GCT, Richard Byrne
Google Guide for Teachers II - by GCT, Richard Byrne