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The Search segment will focus on things such as being able to locate timely information (when needed for assessment, grants, and research), discovering information, and having updates on important topics come to you (as a way to save precious time).

The Primary Tool: Google
The Crib Sheets:

Google News
Bonus: Posters for your classroom.
Advanced Search

The Deeper Tools:

Web Search

Specialized Search (Killer Research Tools)

Multimedia Search (Time Permitting)

More Search Tools for Educators

Activity (Time Permitting): Create Your Own Search Story

Go to the YouTube Search Stories Page.
Create your own Search Story by using at least three of the different search tools listed.  (Web search, images, maps, news, blog search, product search, or books.)
Add some snappy music
Upload your "Search Story" by creating your own YouTube account using your Google Account. 

Kyle Brumbaugh Search Story

Activity (Time Permitting): Create a Custom Search Engine for Your School

With a small group, choose a topic to research - preferably something your group is interested in.
Create a custom search engine focused on the topic.
Use the other specialized search tools above to locate quality resources related to the topic.
Populate the custom search engine with the quality resources you find.
Share the custom search engine with the Lead Learner. A link to each CSE will be added below.