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GWE @ RRVEC Park River Presentations, Spreadsheets and Forms

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GWE @ RRVEC Park River Presentations Activity

Google Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms Tutorials:
Google Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms Video Tutorials:
Examples of how Google Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms and Drawings Has Made Educational Life More Efficient:
  • Spreadsheets - Working on CSTs together - moving students, splitting classes; 504s; Evaluations timeline; Working with counselors on credit deficiencies; NEW! Pivot Tables
  • Presentations - ELAC Presentation (used in conjunction with Google Translate); Staff meetings
  • Forms - Surveys; Transcript Requests; Extra-curricular sign-ups; Bulletin announcements
  • Drawings - Graphic organizers for staff meetings
More Activities:
  • Spreadsheets - Use THIS SPREADSHEET, make a copy, add more data or columns and play with gadgets and change color rules
  • Presentations - Start a presentation on what you’ve learned so far
  • Forms - Create a survey for teachers, parents or students; Diploma Form; Course Registration Confirmation

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