September 12, 2011 GWE Boulder, CO (Joe Donahue)

Agenda for the day:

Search (60 Minutes)
Docs Part 1 (90 Minutes)

Lunch (30 Minutes)

Docs Part 2 (60 Minutes)
Sites (60 Minutes)
Even More (30 Minutes, Time Permitting)
Reflection (30 Minutes, On Your Own)

I am a middle school math teacher at Santa Ynez School in Santa Ynez, CA (about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara). I recently attended the Google Teacher Academy in Sydney, Australia to become a Google Certified Teacher. I have also just completed my Google Apps for Education (GAE) Certification. I am the administrator of GAE for our school. We have a 1:1 Netbook program for our sixth through eighth graders. All of our students and many of our staff use GAE for their work.

Blog: Mr. D's Khan Academy
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Even More

 Reflection and Evaluation