Google Docs

Lead Learner: Wendy Gorton @WendyGorton

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Google Docs

 Docs, Spreadsheet, Presentations, Forms, Drawings.Google Apps Docs Interactive Tutorial
Agenda: Share a lil, play a lot!


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Document Management at Your School Site

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Document Management at Your School Site

What Does this Mean for Us Today?

Activity One: Hop on a Doc!

  • Think about what ways you can create and share documents as an administrator at your school.
  • Check your Docs Homepage-- you should see that Wendy's shared this Doc with you; come on in and let us know how you will!
  • Find someone else's response and "Insert-Comment" to start a Discussion!
  • Later, create your own Doc (Create-New Document) and then Share it with those you want to collaborate on it.

Activity Two: Let's Make a Form

  • Take a moment and discuss with the person next to you what kind of FORM you could easily use at your school site--  next week even. Share out with the group!
  • Classroom Observation Walkthroughs
  • Make the Form: (Create-New Form and Add Questions) and Pick a Theme
  • Distribute the Form: Once it's ready, e-mail the Live Form and e-mail it out to me, your friends, Twitter, and we can test it out for you. (
  • Analyze the Form: Go back to your Google Docs and you'll see the spreadsheet with information from the filled out form.
  • Ooops, are you lost? Follow this quick video here on how to create a form. Later, check out this detailed online tutorial!

Create a Form

Activity Three: Final Reflection

Let's revisit your questions from earlier. Any still left?



Google Docs Intro



Create a Presentation