1. Explore Search Features
  2. Find a school law case in Google News
  3. Set Up a Google Alert about your self & school
  4. Locate research using Google Scholar
  5. Add books to your My Library

Things we will cover:

The Google Search "suite":
If we have time, we'll talk about:
  • Discovery Learning with Timeline & Wonder Wheel
  • Visual Search with Images
Want more great stuff for you to explore

Search Education Lessons by Google Certified Teachers
Classroom Activities

The Crib Sheets:

Google News
Google Books
Even more crib sheets

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The Tools: 
Even More tools:GTA Resources: 
Lead Learner: Andy Crozier

Superintendent/Principal @ Andrew CSD 
Andrew, IA
Google Apps Certified Trainer 
Google Certified Teacher
Apple Distinguished Educator

Twitter - @acrozier22