Google Docs


Activity #1 - Google Docs and Commenting/Discussions
  • In Groups of three have one person create a Document entitled  (Google Docs-Group#)
  • Share it with the other two members of your group --make sure they can edit!  Use the Contact Information for Today List to access email addresses.
  • Have other two members log into their Google Docs account at
  • Write a paragraph on how you can use Google Docs in your position (i.e, have students collaborate on a lab report by.....)
  • Comment on each others paragraphs by:
    • highlighting the excerpt you would like comment on
    • clicking on Insert Menu
    • Selecting comment
Activity #2 - Collections

  • Click on Drop Down...Collections shared with me” you should see Google Workshop 7/11
  • You can drag and drop files in here and they will AUTOMATICALLY be available
  • Creator of the Google Docs Document from Activity #1 -- Drag it in
  • Now you can view everyones ideas! --
  • Everyone!  Click on a few and comment on a few.
  • Think about what collections allow you to do!
  • Create some Collections that you anticipate using.
Activity #3 - Google Forms Exploration
Activity #4 - Google Form/Quiz
  • Create a Google form:
    •  Interest survey for beginning of year
    • Reflection
    • Reading record
    • Quiz (which you can use Flubaroo for)

Interesting Ways..By GTA Tom Barrett and the World!

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