Watch a 10 narrated presentation similar to the presentation above.

Web Search

Specialized Search

News Search    

Multimedia Search

Mobile Search                                                                                                

Search Lessons for Teachers                                                                            

Search lesson plans created by Google Certified Teachers that can be used as short modules in any curriculum. Lessons include plans and presentation.

Check out this search presentation for Librarians.

Search Videos                                                                                                     

Search Activities
   * What can you find quickly?
      * The year Reebok shoes were the most discussed.
      * An image you can reuse for a bake sale flyer.
      * The different names of species of 5 felines.
   * Definitions
   * Weather
   * Calculations
   * Searching within one site
   * Advanced Search
      * Searching reading levels -- for remediation and enrichment
      * Searching for documents and presentations
         * Making sure you have rights to use....
   * Image Advanced Search
      * Finding an image you can legally use with permission
   * Searching Visually
      * Wonderwheel
         * Show your favorite home activity
         * Show a topic you cover in class.
   * Searching through time
      * Timeline
         * Your favorite sport
   * Custom Search
   * Google Squared
      * Your favorite animal
   * Google Books
   * Language Tools
      * translate
      * search

Summative Activity
  • Let's number you off 2-11 (2-people per group)
  • ONE Person go to
  • Share one or many ways you can use what you learned about Search in the classroom.
  • Give at least two practical and relevant examples -- feel free to provide many as well.  
  • Include at least one image.

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