Docs (10:00 - 11:30)

The Appetizer:
  • Google Docs in Plain English
  • Docs Home
  • Creating:
    • Word Processing
      • Collaboration
      • Revisions
    • Presentations
    • Spreadsheet
    • Forms
  • Docs App Shortcut in Chrome

Google Docs in Plain English

Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs

The Entree:


  • Open the Collection titled Buffalo Working Files then open the Note Taking document.
  • Add to the document section How I can use Google Docs in the classroom to "go green" section
  • Continue to add to the document as we progress through other parts of Google Docs.


  • Open the Collection titled  Buffalo Working Files then open the Buffalo *-* document where your last name falls. 
  • Find the slide with your name on it. 
  • Modify your slide to tell 2 truths and a lie
  • Use the reveal to draw a circle around the Lie
  • Bonus: Add multimedia
  • Show presentations, guess the lies.


  • Flip a coin 25 times
  • Record your answers
  • Bonus: Create a chart or graph


  • Create a 5 question form that can be used as a quiz.
  • Modify the form to be self grading.