Google Calendar for Educators
Greg Benedis-Grab

Google Calendar is a powerful scheduling tool that can make your classroom and school environment more efficient.  It is packed with features to streamline your work flow as a teacher from assigning homework, collaborating with colleagues, sharing information and finding meeting times.  Time is one of the most valuable resources in a school and Google Calendar can change the way you use your time.  This session will get you up to speed on the key features of Google calendar and give you specific applications in a school setting.


Google Presentation

How do you currently communicate with students and teachers about meetings, assignments and collaborative work?
(Introduce myself and the workshop)
(Have them fill out a form - maybe with some data in it)

What is Google Calendar?

(add links from Danny Silva here)
(Presentation on different ways to use Google Calendar)

Activity 1: Adding to a Shared Calendar
  • Add your birthday to the GWE birthday calendar.
  • Add other events to the GWE shared calendar.
  • Try out the different ways to view the calendar.
Activity 2: More Advanced Events
  • Turn and event into a repeating event
  • Add a location, description, make it all day
  • Invite guests (I will have to show them the shared spreadsheet)
  • Add a reminder
  • Change the color
  • Activate some of the labs for Google Calendar: Event Flair, Event Attachments
  • Add some flair to the events you created in

Activity 3: Create a calendar with a partner that you would use with students or as a collaboration tool with teachers
  • Example answers include:
    • A homework calendar
    • Student Project Calendar
    • Teacher Planning Calendar
    • Room use calendar
    • Advanced: Use Google Appointments to schedule parent meetings
  • Create a calendar to illustrate your answer
  • Mock up a "proof-of-concept" to illustrate something you might actually implement.
  • Share the calendar with your partner and with
  • Make the calendar public
  • Present what you have done to the group in two minutes. (This might be a standard stand-up mini presentation)

calendar settings

Advanced Calendar Features
  • resources
  • calendar settings
  • sharing across calendars
  • QR codes

Activity 4: Create your own Add to Google Calendar Button for your calendar idea.

(I am going to need a web page for them to add this to)

RSS feed - bonus